Home Care vs. Home Health Care Services in Pittsburgh PA

Home care can mean different things to different people. Some people may need assistance with daily tasks such as dressing, housekeeping, transportation, and other everyday activities. Others may need specialized care to help them deal with health conditions.

Families can choose the care they require for customized services best suited to their loved one’s needs. But they must understand what different types of care entail. This article will discuss home care vs. home health care services Pittsburgh PA, so you can determine which is ideal for your relative.

What are Home Care Services?

Home care services encompass daily tasks your loved one may have difficulty tending to due to limited mobility and other issues. Unskilled workers provide these services. The aides may have experience caring for the elderly and performing the necessary tasks, but they don’t have a medical degree.

The tasks of a home care service include:

·  Light housekeeping such as cooking and cleaning

·  Assisting with activities of daily living such as dressing, grooming, and personal hygiene

·  Transportation, including taking the client to doctors’ appointments and social activities and accompanying them on errands

·  Ambulation and transfer assistance

·  Companionship- caregivers encourage clients to engage in hobbies; they may also read to them and participate in stimulating activities both the aide and client will enjoy

·  Medication reminders that will keep your loved one on track and prevent medical emergencies

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What is Home Health Care Services Pittsburgh PA?

Home health care agencies provide aides trained to assist patients with specific medical conditions. Examples include:

·  Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Aides will offer wandering prevention. They will understand how to deal with the patient’s mentality. They may also help get your loved one's health, legal, and financial planning in order while they can still make decisions. They will also offer general home care services.

·  Diabetes: The aide will ensure the client follows a diet and exercise regimen that controls glucose levels and prevents complications. They will help manage medications and check their vitals.

·  Cancer: Senior cancer patients may need specialized health care assistance. The aide can take care of lab draws, nutritional planning, medication administration, and the use of medical supplies and equipment.

·  Heart Conditions: Seniors dealing with heart conditions may require aids to check vital signs like blood pressure, respiration, and pulse to ensure complications don’t occur.

Which is Right for Your Loved One?

Assess your loved one’s needs and medical conditions to determine if home care or home health care services Pittsburgh PA are right for them. If you are unsure, talk to the experts at A+ Home Care. We will provide a consultation and help you find the best care for your elderly relative.

A+ is recommended in-home care agency in Pittsburgh, PA because we are Medicaid waiver approved. We offer various care options, including daily living assistance, errand running, companionship, and specialized aid for people with disabilities.

Contact A+ Home Care to discover what we have to offer.

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