As your loved one ages, they may need extra care. You may check them into a senior home or choose a home care agency in Pittsburgh, PA. Which one is best? 

A 2021 AARP study shows seniors prefer to age in place. It is better for a senior’s mental and physical health. Read on to learn why homecare is a preferred choice for older adults.

Better for Mental Health

Aging in place is better for a senior’s mental health. They can enjoy familiar surroundings. They can socialize with neighbors they have known for years.

Displaced seniors will experience confusion that can worsen dementia and memory issues. If they age at home, they will be happier. They won’t need to deal with the anxiety of moving.

Greater Independence

Seniors in a residential living facility have little control over their lives. They must eat a predetermined menu and engage in set activities. They must follow the facility’s rules and regulations.

A home care agency Pittsburgh PA will allow seniors to plan their days as they please. They can eat any foods they want. A caregiver will assist seniors with tasks and transportation so they have more freedom to do as they please. 

Fewer Germs

Seniors in a nursing facility are exposed to germs from the staff and other residents. The exposure increases their risk of illness. Some illnesses may even be fatal.

Individuals aging in place are exposed to fewer germs and are more likely to stay healthy.

Waiver Service Pittsburgh PA

Individuals who age in place can take care of waiver service Pittsburgh PA. It’s a Medicaid program that helps seniors and disabled people receive health care and other services. It also allows family members to receive compensation for caring for senior relatives.

Seniors in nursing homes are not eligible for waiver service Pittsburgh PA. As a result, care is more expensive and less personal. 

Individualized Care

Seniors that enroll with a home care agency in Pittsburgh PA will receive individualized care. They will be assigned one caregiver who will determine their needs and offer the best solutions. Seniors will enjoy their aide’s one-on-one companionship. 

Nursing homes take a cookie-cutter approach. With so many residents, it’s difficult to provide individualized care. Seniors often experience lower levels of mental and physical health.

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Less Expensive

Nursing home fees cover more than care. They also cover the senior’s cost of living. They are typically more expensive than home care.

A home care agency Pittsburgh PA charges only for care. Therefore, it is typically less expensive than senior home service.

A+ Home Care is the Top Home Care Agency Pittsburgh PA

A+ Home Care is a recommended choice for in-home care Pittsburgh PA. We provide services that range from general living assistance to specialized care for disabled people. We offer 24/7 care, including holidays and weekends. We are Medicaid waiver approved.

Don’t settle for less than the best for your loved ones. Contact A+ Home Care today. Learn more about the comprehensive services we offer.

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