Medicaid Waiver in Williamsport, PA: How It Can Cover Long-Term Care for Your Aging Loved One

Medicaid Waiver in Williamsport, PA: How It Can Cover Long-Term Care for Your Aging Loved One
As your loved one gets older, you may be concerned about how ensure they receive the care they need to live independently. The Medicaid Waiver helps seniors in Williamsport, PA live independent lives, but many families are unsure how to get started or what the waiver covers. At A+ Home Care, we are here to help get started and find the care you need.

What Is the Medicaid Waiver?

Medicaid waivers allow a state to expand the coverage they provide through Medicaid. Rules for Medicaid are set federally while each state establishes income limits and other guidelines to approve Medicaid for those who need it. Waivers allow the state to “waive” some requirements, which allows Medicaid to cover more people and more services than the rules and state limits might normally allow.

How Medicaid Waivers Help Seniors Live at Home

Because Medicaid waivers expand what Medicaid is allowed to cover for seniors who receive them, a number of services that help seniors live independently are often included in the waiver. In many states, Medicaid waivers can cover services such as,

-Personal Care Assistants
-Home Health Aides
-Skilled Nursing Care
-Meal deliveries
-Housekeeping services
-Companion services
-Non-emergency transportation

Medicaid waivers vary depending on the state. However, waivers that provide support for seniors who live at home (their home or with a family member) often receive benefits that cover the long-term care needed to make independent living possible.
Medicaid Waiver in Williamsport, PA: How It Can Cover Long-Term Care for Your Aging Loved One

How A+ Home Care Helps Seniors and Their Families

Medicaid waiver enrollment and participation is tricky. Medicaid places financial requirements that include income and asset limits. Knowing what waiver to apply for and how to navigate the system and waiting lists can be overwhelming. At A+ Home Care, we help families get approval and stay in the program by,

-Working with seniors step by step in the approval process
-Finding the best care providers available for the services they need
-Following up with state agencies to help seniors make it through the approval process
-Working with families after to help them maintain the requirements to stay in their waiver program
-Helping families navigate programs if their needs and situations change

Is a Medicaid Waiver the Right Choice for Your Senior Loved One?

The application and approval process for a Medicaid waiver can be challenging. States have enrollment caps for Medicaid waivers. If the waiver your loved one needs has met its cap, they’ll have to go on the waiting list for the waiver to become available again. While this can seem discouraging, it is still worth the effort, as the assistance seniors receive through the Medicaid waiver offers them so many benefits.

One additional benefit of the Medicaid waiver is the ability for a senior to choose their caregiver. This means that they can decide to hire the relative who has been caring for them. Many have benefitted from getting paid to take care of a family member in Williamsport, PA, alleviating the financial burden that can come with being the caregiver for a senior loved one.

Are You Ready to Apply for a Medicaid Waiver in Williamsport, PA?

A+ Home Care will act as your advocate to make sure you get approved for the medicaid waiver and stay approved for maximum benefits entitled to you! We will walk you through the application process, help you select top-quality providers for all your services and follow up with all state agencies to make sure you don’t slip through the cracks. Contact us today so we can get you started!

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