Do you love helping people? Are you someone who can be both professional and compassionate? Then, looking into a career as a personal aide could be the perfect fit for you. So, this article addresses how to become a family caregiver in Pittsburgh, PA.

There are many rewards of being a professional caregiver. You have an important role that ensures safety, improves the quality of life, and helps them do tasks that have become difficult. Better still, you allow the client to age in place rather than having to go to an institution. This is an important focus for A+ Health Care. We know that the familiarity of home, when coupled with professional assistance, deters depression and helps a person maintain their dignity.

Do I Need Specific Training?

There are no formal requirements for non-skilled workers in Pittsburgh, PA. However, each company has requirements based on the job for which you apply.  Examples include a high school diploma and first aid training. A+ Home Care maintains a list of current openings here. Additionally, many home care agencies in Pittsburg, PA, offer ongoing “best practices” training. This means, If you’re hoping for a career, the timing is perfect. The need for home care workers is growing quickly. 

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What Steps do I Take?

The first and most important step is asking yourself hard questions. Caregiving requires not only empathy but also a lot of patience. How are you when you’re around difficult people? How do you handle changing dynamics? Can you put your job behind you when you get home? If you can successfully traverse these three things, this may the job for you. Some of the key traits in successful caregivers include:

Finally, having a good sense of humor doesn’t hurt. It’s an excellent coping mechanism when you start feeling stressed. 

Next, see if you can get a leg up before you start applying. Do volunteer work at an elder home. This will expose you to many different scenarios and hone your skills. Also, check your state’s requirements. Some have specific tests and qualifications. Get those done before sending out resumes.

Third, network. See if you can find one or two groups on social media that have a positive outlook and great information. An example is the National Alliance for Caregiving. You can also check for local organizations relating to your career. 

Working with A+ Home Care

A+ is always looking for quality individuals ready to offer at-home support to individuals with needs. You can contact us for more information online and by email. You can also give us a call at any of our offices:

are always looking for great people to add to our team. 

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