So you’ve decided to get in-home care for your loved one. One question you must ask yourself is, what type of care does my loved one need? Generally, you will be choosing between home care and home healthcare.

Home care covers basic needs like assistance with daily tasks and transportation. Home healthcare agencies in Pittsburgh, PA, provide healthcare services for seniors with more advanced needs. Which one is right for your loved one? Read on to find out.

What Do Home Care Services Include?

Home care covers clients’ basic needs, such as:

·  Assistance with Daily Living: Aides will assist with self-care and mobility.

·  Light Housekeeping: The caregiver will keep the home clean and organized.

·  Medication reminders: Aides will ensure clients take their prescribed medications.

·  Meal Preparation: The caregiver will see that the client is eating healthy meals and handle meal preparation.

·  Companionship: The aide will keep the client company, engage them in conversations and hobbies, and accompany them on outings.

What Kind of Care Do Home Healthcare Agencies in Pittsburgh, PA Provide?

Home health care services in Pittsburgh, PA are provided by registered nurses, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and other skilled caregivers. They may offer the home care services listed above, but they will also provide more advanced medical care, including:

·  Wound Care: Healthcare aides will provide wound care to promote healing and prevent infections.

·  Administer Injections: Caregivers can administer prescribed injections as needed.

·  Vital Signs Monitoring: The aide will regularly check the client’s vital signs to ensure they maintain optimal health.

·  Rehabilitation: Aides can oversee the rehabilitation process for patients recovering from surgery, illness, and injury. They may provide physical and occupational therapy to ensure their clients achieve optimal health outcomes.

·  Speech Therapy: Speech therapy may be recommended for older adults recovering from a stroke or dealing with other speech-related issues.

Which Type of Care Does My Loved One Need?

Some families will know which service is best for their loved ones. Others may be unable to decide. Questions to ask include:

·  Is my loved one dealing with any chronic conditions?

·  Is my loved one recovering from an illness, surgery, or injury?

·  How likely is my loved one to experience a medical emergency?

If you have asked yourself these questions and are still unsure which service to choose, speak to the home care agencies in your area. A reputable agency should be able to point you in the right direction.

A+ Home Care is a Recommended Choice for Home Health Care Services in Pittsburgh, PA

A+ Home Care is a recommended provider of skilled and non-skilled care. We offer both services in all but our Williamsport office, which provides non-skilled care only. We will help you choose the service that’s best for your loved one.

Our agency is Medicaid waiver approved. We offer 24-hour care with our family and friend caregiver program. A+ Home Care do our best to make home care affordable.

Fill out our online form to learn more about our comprehensive skilled and unskilled services.

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