It's a new year and the perfect time to make a career change. Are you a healthcare professional looking for more personal work? Are you tired of the office-run 9-to-5? A home care job as a caregiver could be just the change you want to make this year. A+ Home Care offers caregivers competitive compensation and benefits. With us, you'll have the joy of working with families and a supportive team of caregivers and administrators.

What Does A+ Home Care Offer?

A home care agency is only as good as the caregivers providing support to families. At A+ Home Care, we strive to draw the best to serve Pennsylvania families. Our superb benefits include, but are not limited to,

Are You Considering a Career Change?

Being a caregiver to elderly and special needs clients is one of the most rewarding careers you can have. In fact, we have four reasons why you should consider a career change to A+ Home Care (in addition to our great benefits).

Work from Home without Having to Work From Home

While working from home can be rewarding, sometimes we still want to get out of our own home. As an at-home caregiver, you can have the work at home environment away from home as you provide care for seniors and those with special needs.

Have a Career with Flexibility

As a caregiver, you define your schedule and availability. At A+ Home Care, we help caregivers match with clients whose schedules work with theirs.

Meet Fascinating People

Meet older adults who have fascinating stories to share. You can learn about years gone by and what it was like for an older generation. You may even meet someone whose stories give you a unique glimpse at significant events.

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Carer Pushing Senior Woman In Wheelchair Outside Home

Make a Difference in Someone's Life

For aging adults and those with special needs, life can get lonely. As a caregiver, you can provide valuable companionship to help improve their overall health and well-being. In addition, you'll be giving them valuable help in their lives.

Are You Ready to Make the Change to A+ Home Care

Learn more about our openings and become part of the A+ Home Care team. You can apply from our website or contact us with any questions about our services and compensation.

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