Choosing the Right Home Healthcare Agency in Pittsburgh, PA: Key Questions to Ask

When loved ones get older, they need extra care. It’s essential to choose the optimal home healthcare agencies. Pittsburgh, PA, families must pick an agency that offers their senior relatives the best care possible.

Asking the right questions can help determine if an agency suits your loved one’s needs. Here are a few that you should include in your interviews.

Questions to Ask Home Healthcare Agencies in Pittsburgh, PA

What is Your Caregiver Vetting Process?

Caregivers should undergo background checks to ensure they won’t harm your loved one. You may also ask about the certifications the caregivers must hold and the type of training they must take to qualify for a position.

What Services Do You Offer?

Home care agencies offer a variety of services. Some offer assistance with daily tasks such as self-care, meal preparation, and housekeeping. Others provide more specialized care for dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc. Make sure the agency offers the care your loved one needs.

How Do You Match Caregivers with Loved Ones?

A home care agency should base their caregiver-client matches on more than qualifications. They should find personality matches. They should ensure that the client will get along with their aide.

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What are My Financial Options?

Caregiver agencies often offer financial options that make it easy for families to afford care. Some work with Medicaid and veteran programs. Others train family members so they can get paid for caring for their loved ones. Insurance and financing can also make care more affordable.

What is Your Scheduling Like?

It’s vital to find an agency that offers flexible scheduling. They should offer part-time and full-time care during all hours of the day and days of the week. They should provide respite care as well. These options will allow you to find care that works with your schedule.

Can I Talk to Any of Your Current or Past Clients?

Ask the agency for the reference’s contact info. Talk to current and past clients to determine what working with the agency is like. 

Are Your Caregivers Insured and Bonded?

If a caregiver is insured and bonded, you will not be liable if they do damage while offering care at your home.

How Is the Care Plan Determined?

In a best-case scenario, the care plan will be a collaborative effort between the caretakers, the doctors, the family members, and the patient.

What Happens if My Loved One Isn’t Happy with Their Caretaker?

The agency should have a process for replacing caregivers the patient is not happy with.

A+ Home Care is an Obvious Choice for Home Healthcare in Pittsburgh, PA

You can interview thousands of agencies to learn about their home healthcare. Pittsburgh, PA agency A+ Home Care will give you all the answers. We have a long history of serving our community.

We offer various services, including companionship, daily living assistance, transportation, and specialized care for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. A+ Home Care is Medicaid waiver approved.  Our staff is a team of caring, compassionate individuals.

Contact us to learn more about our superior services.

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